Six of the Best Make-up Colours for Spring 2019

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To get over the dark days of winter, embrace the latest bright and buoyant make-up trends. These six colours will put a spring in your step.

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1. Denim Eyes

Like a favourite pair of jeans, this grey-blue shade can be dressed up and down. First, apply it over the lash line as well as in the crease. The remaining powder on the brush can colour the lid. (If using a cream product, blend the hue from the lash lines in to the lids.) To look more dressy, use a shimmery colour. You can get away with a deeper indigo if your complexion is dark.

2. Peacock Shades

The vibrant, mesmerising colours of the peacock’s feathers will make your eyes simply magnetic. Begin by applying an iridescent purple shade around your lashes, employing a brush to dust the colour as far as the brows. Then add a shimmery teal green colour, following the inner corners. If your skin is fair, only take the colours to the eye creases to avoid heaviness. Finish with a nude lipstick, ensuring the focus is on your eyes.

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Marie Claire lists pretty Spring 2019 make-up trends here:

3. Mango Lips

Refresh your lips with mango’s luscious yellowy-orange hue. This juicy shade is hot for Spring 2019. The soft colour looks good on all skin hues. For best effect, pair it with bronzed cheeks and gold eye shadow.

4. Lime green Eyes

This shocking colour is surprisingly versatile. Not too acid or neon, it brings out the gold flecks in your eyes. Brush a sheer eye shadow up from the lashes to your brows, or use an opaque product as eyeliner for a more subtle appearance. Use black mascara to ground the look.

5. Rose-Gold

This shade is toned down, but it’s not boring. Use this pretty hue all over your face to illuminate the skin. If you don’t want it everywhere, try rose-gold lips plus chocolate eye shadow, or wine-coloured lipstick and rose-gold eyes.

6. Orchid Pink Lips

Pink is sometimes too sickly sweet. But due to an injection of purple, this grown-up shade rocks. Cream rather than gloss formulation lipsticks are more sophisticated and less saccharine. These hot lips go best with just eyeliner and black mascara.


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