3 Tips to get used to exercising

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Many people want to adopt a habit that remains. Really want to do this and doing it are two different things. Live a new lifestyle is complicated, especially when you involve personal feelings about body image and self worth. But there are some strategies that can make it easier to retain this habit.

Focus on creating a routine to wake your brain and body…

I have been using these three strategies to perform my routine, which I practiced for two years without missing. Although not have all the answers, I’m happy to share in this article what I’ve learned so far…

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Develop a ritual to start easier

The habits are behaviors that repeat over and over again, which means they are behaviors that initiate and again. In other words, if there have you not consistently begun a habit? In many ways, acquire new habits is a simple exercise to start again and again. This means you can find ways to make it easier to start. This is the reason that the rituals and routines are so important. If you can develop a ritual that makes your exercise is automatic it will be easier to follow.

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You can do the following exercise by completing this sentence:

  • Over the next week I’ll work on (day) at (time) at (location). One study showed that people who exercised this prayer filled two or three times more over time.
  • This is a psychological concept called implementation intentions and there are hundreds of studies that support it.

Start with an exercise that is very small

The best way to make exercise a habit is starting with something that’s so easy you can do it even when you have a lot of motivation. It begins with something that is so easy you cannot say no. Here is a strategy that you can use: The rule of two minutes

  • It’s very simple: Focus on finding a way to start in two minutes instead of worrying about the whole exercise. Do you struggle to find the motivation to run? Fill a water bottle and wear your tennis. That’s all you have to do to consider today’s exercise successful. Often the beginning of two minutes will be enough to motivate you and help you complete the task.

Focus on the first habit and the results later

The typical approach to diet and exercise is in the results. Many people start with some kind of goal; “I want to lose 20 kilos in four months.” I think this is the wrong approach, it is best done based on a system in place at the finish.

What matters most at the beginning is to establish a routine standard to adhere want, not the results you get. In other words, the first six months is more important not to miss workouts to make any progress. Once you’re the kind of person who does not lose workouts can improve worry.

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One way to do this is by setting an upper limit on your behavior. A member of our community, Mitch, put a ruler himself where he could not stay in the gym for more than five minutes at first. I had to go every day, but I could not stay more than six minutes. It was focused on having the habit of not missing. After doing that for a month or two, he had established a routine of going to the gym and began to focus on making things more difficult. Until today, Mitch has dropped 45 kilos (result not only exercises, but also changes in their diet and life).

Once you have the habit of exercise, you’ll find ways to improve. Without any strategy is useless habit.

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