What is MS, and how does it affect the body

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For short, multiple sclerosis, or MS, is one of the many diseases or conditions that can shorten a life span and cause debilitating problems for the sufferer. It can strike at any age despite the myth that it is something that is part of the onset of old age. It is an illness that is classed as demyelinating. This is the protective covering of the brain, spine and nerve cells. If it degrades, then the quality of the electrochemical signal that the body can carry is significantly reduced.

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This leads to a slew of problems for the sufferer that can significantly reduce their quality of life. Movement is one of the things that can be impaired. However, some relief to this can be had when you use Mobility Aids from Ability Superstore.

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At present, there is no known cure for MS. Treatment is sporadic, and so far, it has not yielded the results that people would hope for. Some have tried to use alternative therapies and treatments. Whilst this has not been proven to be effective, they feel that it is a good idea to try all avenues of possible relief rather than just put all faith in that of the established medical thought.

The research will continue, and there are plenty of charities looking to support those and their families who are going through the illness. With any luck, a cure will be found one day.

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