What Every Consumer Needs To Know About Eyelash Extensions

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For women who want continuously thick and lush lashes, eyelash extensions eliminate the need to apply fake lashes on a daily basis. These products are painstakingly affixed in place, one lash at a time while using a special, skin-safe glue. It takes approximately two hours to apply a complete set of lash extensions, and with proper application, these products can remain in place year-round. You’ll only need to get touch-ups once every three weeks. Following are several, important things that you should know about these products before choosing and committing to your first set.

Eyelash Extensions Are Available In Silk, Synthetic, And Mink Styles

Many of the professionals offering lash extensions can apply silk, synthetic, or mink styles. Each of these comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and each is capable of creating its own, unique look. Mink lashes, like those found at sugarlashpro.com/collections/mink-lashes-x, offer a very light, feathery look that’s both lush and subtle at once. Best of all, mink lashes will place the least amount of stress on your own, natural eyelashes, thereby minimizing the risk of having these tiny hairs fall out. Synthetic lashes are made from a polished acrylic and thus, they’re often considered to be the sturdiest choice. Silk, however, boasts the most natural appearance of the three, and these extensions are available in a vast range of lengths, styles and curls.

Choosing The Right Lash Glue

There are numerous options in lash glue given the very sensitive nature of both the eyes and the skin that exists around the eyes. It’s important for consumers or their providers to perform a quick spot test with these products to determine whether or not any allergies exist. When choosing lash glue on your own, make sure to look for products that do not contain formaldehyde. Among all the different ingredients that you’re likely to encounter in these adhesives, formaldehyde is the one most likely to cause tearing, skin irritation, and other issues.

Showering And Swimming After Having Your Lashes Applied

Lash extensions should not get wet during the first 12 to 24 hours following their application. This can cause the adhesive to weaken and break down, before it’s had the chance to fully set. It is also important to understand the limitations of any adhesives that have been used. For example, certain products that are made to accommodate people with sensitive eyes and skin will not hold up well when oil-based make-up removers and face creams are applied.

Why Eyelash Extensions Have To Be Maintained

Lash extensions are designed to last throughout the entire growth cycle of your individual lashes. For each lash, this typically lasts approximately six weeks. As your eyelashes reach the end of their life cycle, they’ll naturally fall out while taking the attached extensions with them. Once they do, they’ll be replaced by brand new, healthy lashes. This is why people are advised to have their approximately maintained approximately once per month. This extends the look of lush and thick lashes, even as old extensions are being shed. If you’re a salon professional who’s adding lash extensions to the service lineup at your shop, then you should advise your clients to have maintenance services performed every three to four weeks.

Applying Mascara Over Lash Extensions

Those who invest in lash extensions and the shops that apply these products can certainly enhance their overall appearance with a strategic coat of mascara. It’s vital to note, however, that waterproof mascara should never be used with these products. This type of mascara can be extremely difficult to remove and may take both the natural eyelashes and the lash extensions along with it. Moreover, mascara should only be applied to the lash tips, rather than at the base of the natural lashes. This will usually be sufficient for making these applications truly stand out.

Lash extensions are an incredibly convenient way to maintain thick, eye-catching lashes wherever you go. Whether you want a dramatic and hard-to-miss look, or a subtle change in the appearance of your own lashes, you’re guaranteed to find suitable lash lengths, curls, and styles. Best of all, with proper maintenance and care, these products can last a very long time.

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