Reasons to Eat More Protein

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There are many reasons to eat more protein. As a matter of fact, protein has been a staple of the average diet for as long as people have been eating. Protein is an essential nutrient and plays a vital role in the growth and repair of the tissues that we use every day. It helps maintain our immune system and plays a part in cell regeneration. The body needs protein to survive and as it supplies the muscles with the amino acids they need, protein is also used to produce new cells. Our bodies can only make so much protein and when we are injured or stressed our bodies need to replenish their supply.

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There are many benefits to consuming more protein as it aids in protein synthesis which is the process that helps to repair and build muscles after an injury. Also, protein is a source of amino acids that aid in the production of collagen that is necessary for strong bones and joints, as well as healthy hair. For those experiencing hair loss, consider increasing protein intake and treatments like Scalp Micropigmentation London. Visit Hair Loss for Women, experts in Scalp Micropigmentation London.

Eating more protein has been proven to help increase strength, prevent injury, increase muscle size and improve bone density.

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When compared with carbohydrates, protein is not used as a source of energy which makes it especially important to consume after working out to fuel the muscles and preserve lean muscle mass. Consuming more protein after working out maximizes the ability to lose weight.


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