Four Quick Tips to Becoming an Au Pair

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Before you sign up for an au pair, here are some Quick Tips regarding becoming an Au Pair. First, check out the family you are interested in before signing up for them. You’ll also want to get a background check, insist on references, and talk to them about their family. Develop a close relationship with the family and write a contract. Be sure to communicate regularly and establish in-depth email correspondence. Lastly, be clear on your expectations from your au pair, as they will differ by country and family.

Signing up for an au pair agency

Many Au Pair agencies will charge you for services. They base their rates on minimum salary to attract families and discourage them from paying higher rates. Others will charge you for language classes, transport passes, and flights from home. You should also check the agency’s rates. A free fee for families does not guarantee a match, but sign up if you’re worried about paying for these services.

When choosing an au pair agency, look for the U.S. Department of State accredits. These agencies must meet minimum standards and have minimum training for their au pairs. Lastly, they must adhere to a mandatory orientation program for their au pairs. This training is intended to teach child development, adaptation, and safety skills.

Forming a contract

Before allowing your au pair to live in your home, you should form a contract with them. This contract will cover standard program regulations. It should include a schedule of the au pair’s hours, how the Au Pair will be paid, and whether or not the family will cover the cost of a language course. If the Au Pair will be caring for children, it’s essential to include any dietary needs, social media usage, and other details in the contract.

Engaging your au pair before she arrives fully is essential to avoid misunderstandings. When you hire an au pair, make sure you negotiate a contract before she comes. Your contract should spell out the expectations for the au pair and the host family. The agreement should be extensive, describing both parties’ expectations. For example, include hours worked on each day and the weekly total. In addition, have a detailed list of tasks, such as which family member will be responsible for preparing meals, taking care of pets, and more.

Keeping in touch with your au pair

When becoming an au pair, it’s essential to communicate with your au pair. For example, your au pair has opened her home to another family’s daughter, and you’ll need to share with her, so you should send her regular emails to see how she is doing and show her the kids. You should also let her know how often you want her to check in with you, and if possible, you should send her pictures of your children so she’ll get to know you better.

During the first few weeks, your au pair will need to know your schedule and learn your children’s routines. For example, you should let your au pair know how to dress and play for the kids and when they need to take their baths and wear their shoes. Be sure to clarify that your au pair will need to know when the children go to bed and the rules regarding shoes in the house.

Preparing a working schedule

If you consider becoming an au pair, you should consider a few things before you apply. In general, au pairs should have at least a few hours off per day and can expect to work up to 45 hours per week. In addition to having a set schedule, au pairs are entitled to one and a half days off every month. They also have responsibility for the children while they are sleeping. Thankfully, preparing a working schedule for your future role is easy with our online form.

First, you should make sure you can follow the rules and regulations of the country in which you plan to work. For example, some au pairs do not like housework and would rather spend time with the kids. On the other hand, those who love working with children may enjoy becoming English teachers in a country such as Spain or working on a cruise ship. Before starting, however, you should make sure you’ve made enough time to prepare a working schedule.

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