Learn to Love The Gym

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could love the gym – now don’t get me wrong, some people actually do, but they’re the lucky ones. For the rest of us, after, or even before, a long hard day at the office, sometimes the last thing we actually want to do is to dust off the flexible gym day and monthly pass, and walk through those sliding doors.

But we can change this mentality. Here we’ll look at ways to ensure that you look forward to the gym (Click Here for some great flexible deals on membership), rather than loathe it, and how you can change your mind-set to view exercise, health and fitness in a much more positive way. Once you learn to love the gym, you’ll see your training levels improve and you’ll experience gains like never before. You’ll always inject more energy into the activities you enjoy, so let’s make your gym time one of those things. Here’s how to get started…

Don’t Force It

If you resent something, you’ll always find a reason to avoid doing it. Now if that “thing” is running on a treadmill, then you’ll probably try and avoid using your flexible gym day and monthly pass at all. But why? There is so much more to the gym than the treadmill. You need to try other machines, routines and classes, maybe even the pool, if you’ve got one. One bad machine does not a bad gym make. Try everything and then you’re bound to find one thing you’ll like, then try more, and you might even surprise yourself.

Have A Break

There will be days when you think you do not want to go to the gym, but once there you often have the best training sessions, and nobody really ever has a bad session, they always feel better for going. So try not to make decisions based on first instincts. If you feel comfy in bed, try getting up and having a shower, then if you still don’t want to go, maybe don’t. Missing a session is fine, don’t beat yourself up, but dodging week after week, now that’s a problem.

Future Goals

Remember why you started training, and look back at some old photographs to see how far you have really come. A little reflection can often spark that interest again. You may have dropped the first of your desired 3 dress sizes, so well done, but there’s work still to be done. Never look on the gym as a punishment for bad choices, but instead as a means to attaining your next landmark goal!

Incentives and Benefits

Think about the good that exercise does, and how it will improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Exercise can be truly holistic, improving the body mind and soul, and without getting too deep, that’s only a good thing. The incentive is in becoming a happier, more energetic you, and whilst it takes effort, you have to admit that you’re worth it.


Training will give you a quick boost of endorphins, and set you up for whatever challenges the day may hold. In addition, it is an escape from the treadmill of life (ironically), and all that modernity throws at you. It’s always good to remember that for that one hour, you’ll be off that pesky mobile phone too.

You cannot force love, but you can learn to appreciate the benefits of a new lifestyle and the joys that it can bring. Steadily, as you see the positives increase, you’ll realise that you have in fact fallen for the gym – so well done you!

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