Can you really get a deal on Shpock and Ebay?

Selling on eBay can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. If you want to put up some second-hand goods for auction, like an old jumper from the Ralph Lauren Menswear range you had bought from EJ Menswear then you can get away with simply creating a single listing and providing as much information as you can, hoping to get by on the charm of being an independent seller. Your eBay store design, however, will become much more important if you have a large volume of products to move.  Another fault sellers tend to make when they get bigger is not keeping their products safe and they tend to store products in their own home.

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Providing the Best Shopping Experience

The potential audience available on eBay is massive, but not all those customers will be interested in your products or services. You can massively increase your conversion rate if you write effective listings that will reach customers who are actively interested in the sort of product you are promoting, but the design of the store is important too.

Many of the most common mistakes that eBay store owners make are like the mistakes that traditional blog owners make: oversized headers, logos that aren’t links, unclear or even completely missing categories and awkward navigation.

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Adding Polish to Your Design

It’s easy to understand how some of those mistakes get made. An amateur designer might make a front page for their shop but forget to put together designs for the other pages. Or they’ll design a static page and not really put much thought into how it will look when it is populated with data. Those mistakes could easily be avoided if the seller used eBay store design templates from well-known template manufacturers.

If you have a good eBay store layout, then your customers will start to think of your store as a separate entity to eBay. Instead of searching listings, they will look through your store to buy the goods that they need. This provides you with some great cross-selling opportunities. Is someone buying a phone case? Great! Why not buy a stylus and some headphones at the same time? This is how you maximise your income and improve your margins on things such as shipping.

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