Fruits appropriate to reduce uric acid

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Both natural cherry juice as they can help reduce uric acid levels. Remember that not worth consuming in jams or pies.

Uric acid. A problem very much part of the population that causes us serious health problems. All of us have this compound in the blood, but in small quantities to always be kept at normal levels. One way to do that is watching our diet and eating the right fruits, those who can help.

Reduce uric acid
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What is uric acid is produced and why my body?

Uric acids basically on waste products from our blood. Purine dead cells and food. Usually, as we have stated before we all have some level of uric acid, but if we are not careful our power is going to produce an excess of this element. Our kidneys do not adequately filtered and concentrated causing a pathology known as hyperuricemia.

If you do not control it, if they continue rising levels of uric acid we risk it runs crystallizing in joints and tissues, resulting in that we all know as drop that annoying and painful inflammation of the joints -very typical in the toes feet with a characteristic redness.

What foods should we avoid? With a little effort, you can beat this disease, so remember, avoid above all the red meat, meat known as hunting, alcohol, coffee…

Fruit suitable for lowering uric acid

1. Oranges and lemons

We love, no doubt. What if we used to start the day with the lemon juice with water fasting? Simply ideal. Later, you can continue with another orange juice, whole wheat toast with olive oil and some nuts. Perfect. Vitamin C is great for reducing blood uric acid. It unwinds these crystallites attached to our joints, helping to remove them. Also, do not forget that in this group are also limes and grapefruit, so keep that in mind, within this variety of fruits rich in vitamin C know they can always help you with a couple of juice a day.

2. Apples

Tasty green or red apples, no matter. They are simply great to go down uric acid. We recommend that you take special juice as follows: peel and dice three blocks and adds a liter of water. Concealed for half an hour, for a wonderful and very therapeutic to take throughout the day juice. Do not include sugar!

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3. Strawberries

If you can get them, take advantage of the season and consume them daily.They are rich in vitamin C, and essential components are well suited to undo these purines present in our blood that the kidneys cannot eliminate. You can eat strawberries for example in your breakfast as well as their water, also very suitable if you cook and then go through the blender with a little water. Moreover, as always remember not to add sugar, nor choose those who are more mature, because your blood glucose may be too high.

4. Blueberries

We know they are not easy to find in every country, but in general are regarded as one of the fruits with higher medical benefits to treat uric acid. If you suffer from this disease would need to try them to find, its richness in Vitamin C and anthocyanins are highly effective, perfect for example for a cup of this delicious fruit after your lunch.

5. Cherries

Who would not passionate about cherries? These small fruits are ideal for reducing both uric acid and cholesterol. We know it is a fruit in season and in many countries are not readily available. However, if you can find them in your tents, albeit in its own juice, do not hesitate, you will be a great help. Just consume about ten cherries a day to go down the uric acid level. In addition, always in its natural form, i.e. do not make pies and jams with them, only in its natural form. Clean them thoroughly before consuming them and benefit from them.

You already know, these fruits are very suitable for lowering uric acid, but it is essential that associate with a good low-fat diet, which is not red meat. Remember, for example, that a very beneficial vegetable is the artichoke.

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