Natural remedies for foot fungus

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Treat foot fungus or athlete’s foot is a complicated issue and therefore should consider tips and natural remedies that will help us.

Infections with foot fungus are more common in summer because on one hand the feet sweat more (heat and moisture help them reproduce) and also tend to go more places such as swimming pools, beaches or gyms where people barefoot, can infect fungi.

Causes and symptoms of foot fungus or athlete’s foot

One of the most important symptoms that warn us of a possible case of fungi is when we see that the nails vary in texture and / or color. In some cases, a very strong odor is also observed. Although fungi often go on nails, they can also go between the fingers and other parts of the foot. In these cases, the skin usually has a dry appearance (even reaches grietarse) and usually itching.

When it affects the nails of an already continuously fungi and grow under the nails and these also change colors appear as gnawed.

The difficulty of treating the fungi specifically in the toenails is that it costs a lot to the natural remedies penetrates well below the nails.

Foot fungus
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Tips to avoid spreading the foot fungus or athlete’s foot

To solve this annoying condition is definitely essential to understand that fungi for reproduction need warmth, moisture and darkness.

  • Heat and foot fungus: It is essential to use a shoe that allows a good perspiration of the feet. Using natural materials and as fresh as possible (cotton, linen, etc.) Many people find that in summer (depending on the type of footwear used) them sweat less feet with short socks.
  • Darkness: Walking barefoot whenever possible is vital to aerate feet and give them the sun. Bathing in the sea or salt water and also helps to be better. We should put shoes periodically sun as it helps combat humidity and darkness (factors that play fungi)
  • Humidity: A very important detail is perfectly dry your feet after bathing. Try to always use the same towel and not share it with anyone because foot fungus or athlete’s foot has a high level of contagion. Beware sunbathing, after leaving the beach, directly on the sand as this is a “nest” of fungi (dry and warm top and wet below) must always stretch on a towel or mat and dry off before perfectly.

In gyms or communal showers is essential to use bathroom sandals to avoid infecting or being infected. The ideal would be based soap sulfur, propolis, tepezcohuite, tea tree or neem as they have fungicidal properties.

Natural remedies for foot fungus or athlete’s foot

Phytotherapy can get medicinal plants with very good results and no side effects

  • Clean feet with an infusion made of garlic, calendula and thyme. We can add a few drops of Propolis.
  • Walnut or Black Walnut is one of the natural herbal remedies most effective herbal medicine. It can be applied as a tincture, extract or infusion. Cleanse the infected fungal morning and evening area.
  • Propolis or Propolis has been traditionally used for its success in treating fungal both feet as anywhere in the body. Its extract or tincture is applied directly to the area. Be careful because it can stain clothing.
  • With tea tree oil (Tea tree oil), very good results are obtained by applying oil directly on the nails (we try to penetrate inside).
  • Another remedy for foot fungus is to put your feet in a bowl of water and salt for 10 minutes. Then dry them and spread the affected area with honey fungi. Cover with a gasita and leave it on all night. Change in the morning and repeat (with bath salt) at night. So until it disappears.

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Nutrition and diet

Although normally the diet has very little relation to foot fungus or athlete’s foot it is no more follow the general guidelines for preventing fungi in the body and therefore it is advisable not to abuse of foods rich in yeast (vinegar, beer, bread, etc.) or too rich in sugar and also favor the growth of fungi.

  • Add ginger meals as their contribution caprylic acid helps fight foot fungus or athlete’s foot. We can also take infusion twice a day.
  • Add garlic to meals or taking it in drops, capsules or tablets also helps our body to get rid of fungi and parasites. Its antifungal effect is very powerful.
  • We can take a multivitamin and mineral (unleavened) to nourish the nails.

Did you know…?

Treatments or natural remedies for foot fungus should be followed for several months because we have to keep in mind that the nail growth is very slow and therefore changes take months to be seen (which takes us to completely change the nail).

At the slightest suspicions we always go to a podiatrist or specialist because when sooner we start the easier treatment will fight foot fungus since as we have said is a very complex issue.

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