Why Giving a Puppy as a Christmas Gift is a Bad Idea

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At Christmas, many of us like to treat family members and of course that extends to our best four-legged friends, dogs – whether you buy them a new toy, designer dog collars from Iwoof or some tasty treats at Christmas you want to spoil them.

But one big no no is to buy a new dog for Christmas – as the saying goes, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Here are a few reasons why it is a bad idea to get a new puppy at Christmas…

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Bringing a puppy into your home at Christmas is not a great idea – Christmas is hectic, and sugar filled and excitable children, lots of guests popping in and generally an air of chaos is not a great way to settle a new puppy in. They need a calm and comfortable environment as they need to get used to their new surroundings – don’t forget this is all a lot for them to deal with.

There are lots more hazards in the home at Christmas – from decorations that a curious puppy might chew, to foods like chocolate that are highly toxic to dogs. A new puppy needs to be protected from dangers that they aren’t aware of and this can be difficult at Christmas.

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Although finding a puppy under the Christmas tree looks adorable, giving a puppy as a gift is something that can backfire. When the novelty wears off or the recipient is not able to care for the puppy, it will end up in a shelter – these often get full to bursting at this time of the year.

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