Securing your garage is a smart move to keep your belongings safe, so let’s take a look at the top practical and wallet-friendly ways to boost your garage security.
For an integrated garage

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Smart garage doors

If your garage door is the roll-up kind, think about adding an extra layer of security, such as a sturdy Garage Defender lock, to ensure only the right people get in.

Light it up

Brighten your driveway or garage entrance with motion sensor lights. These not only deter potential intruders but also make your place safer.

Lock internal doors

If your garage connects to your house, make sure the internal door is rock-solid with a good lock. A deadbolt and a simple alarm will offer extra peace of mind.

Privacy matters

Keep your garage doors closed so that prying eyes don’t spot anything tempting.

For an external garage

Create a barrier

Make it hard for anyone to stroll up to your garage by using gates, fences, and maybe even some anti-climb tricks.

Light it right

Illuminate your garage surroundings with motion sensor lights. Dark corners are an intruder’s best friend, so don’t give them any.

Beef up the door

Strengthen the security of wooden doors with a padlock. For roll-up doors, a Garage Defender lock works wonders. For those seeking garage doors Bristol and the wider area, companies such as offer solutions.

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Secure what’s inside

For pricier possessions, such as tools or bikes, invest in a sturdy safe or anchor them down.

Mark your territory

Tag your gear to make it easier to identify and recover if the worst happens.

Check your insurance

Make sure your home insurance covers your garage and what’s inside. This is an extra safety net you may be glad you have.

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