What to Do If You Think You Have Symptoms of Chlamydia

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You might have symptoms or you might not, it varies between individuals. It is always wise to get a correct diagnosis from a doctor before assuming you have any STD. The more you know about the disease the easier it will be to treat it and get the relief you need. For more details on Home StI Kits London, visit Checkurself

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If you think you might have the symptoms of chlamydia, you will first want to get a medical test done to see if you have it. There are many different tests available and they include a urinalysis, a swab test or a culture. A urine and swab test will tell you if you have high levels of bacteria in your system, a clear result on one of these tests will likely mean you don’t have it. A culture will tell you more, but you must be positive in order for this test to be performed. If you are negative and still have symptoms of chlamydia, you might consider another type of testing. Some common symptoms of chlamydia include pain when urinating, unusual discharge and bleeding after sex.

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Once you have a confirmation from a test for chlamydia, you will need to get a prescription for an antibiotic. Some of the more popular medications for treating this STD are a-pharmacologic agents, which are used to stop the growth of infection causing bacteria. The bottom line is, with early treatment your chances of completely eliminating the symptoms are greater and your treatment options may be easier to deal with.

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