What is the importance and benefits of staying hydrated?

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It is very important to stay hydrated at all times and not only when we are thirsty, since it is already a sign of dehydration. We must drink between a liter and a half and two of water daily

The living beings in their majority depend on the water to be able to live. In fact, the body of humans is composed of approximately 60% water .

This could help us understand the level of importance that water has and the correct hydration for the proper functioning of the organism.

Each cell that makes up the human body requires water to live and complete its functions. Therefore, maintaining an adequate level of hydration is extremely important for each of the most basic functions that people have.

By hydration can be understood the action of absorbing liquids by various means, in a continuous and permanent manner.

With this action, the aim is to replace the liquids that the body is naturally spending in various types of activities. Especially when doing physical activities , in which much fluid is lost through perspiration or sweating.

Hydration is a natural action of living beings, in which they supplement the liquids that have been used by the body. We must bear in mind that not only liquids are lost when a physical activity is carried out .

How we lose liquids

A person is able to lose fluid just by breathing, even when he is at rest. The organs are always consuming the liquid found in the tissues. And when this level is low is when people have a feeling of being thirsty .

The consumption of liquids by the organism does not stop, even when we sleep, therefore, the supply of liquids to replenish reserves must be equally continuous.

Most important benefits of good hydration

1. For the brain

benefits of staying hydrated

Maintaining optimal hydration facilitates the oxygenation of brain cells and allows the brain to remain active to perform all its actions. Dehydration in the brain can cause serious health problems.

2. For the cells

It is important to maintain an adequate level of hydration in the cells. This is essential for an efficient transport of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, among other essential nutrients, as well as adequate cellular oxygenation.

In this way the cells are able to produce the energy necessary for a good functioning of the whole body.

Also, good hydration facilitates the elimination of toxins and accumulated waste. Some of these are produced in the various metabolic processes of the organism. Thanks to this, an adequate metabolic function is obtained.

3. For the digestive tract

Water is a molecule of great importance for the digestion of food to take place.

In the same way that it occurs in the absorption of nutrients, maintaining an adequate level of hydration facilitates the passage of nutrients to the blood, and then, its distribution in the cells.

On the contrary, when the organism is dehydrated, the intestinal transit becomes slow . This results in a situation of constipation .

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4. For the heart

Consuming liquids is very important for the proper functioning of the heart .

Getting an adequate balance of water in the body is also essential to keep blood pressure within normal limits.

5. For the kidneys

benefits of staying hydrated

Adequate hydration is necessary for the proper functioning of the kidneys , since they have the great task of eliminating wastes from the body through urine.

Also, the kidneys are those that control the water level of the body . They are also responsible for stabilizing the levels of sodium, potassium and other electrolytes, with the regulation of urine.

6. For muscles and joints

The water that is the main liquid that should be consumed. This has the function of acting as a lubricant in the muscular structure and in the structure of the joints.

It is essential for these structures to be able to carry out their functions properly.

7. For the skin

Proper hydration keeps body tissues moist. This helps keep the skin cells in perfect condition, in order to retain the flexibility, smoothness and proper color of the skin.

8. For body temperature

benefits of staying hydrated

Water is essential to maintain body temperature . It acts by effectively regulating body temperature, by means of heat dissipation .

If the body temperature is very high, the body loses fluid. For this, it uses the processes of perspiration and the evaporation of sweat.

Do not forget to consume between a liter and a half and two of water a day to optimize all the functions of your body.

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