Reasons Why Trees In Your Garden Are Ideal For Attracting Wildlife

If you have a beautiful garden that looks perfect but you don’t think any wildlife will ever come near it, that’s okay. It’s understandable that you want to create an open space so that you can sit out on it when the sun goes down and the flowers come out for the summer. However, if you think about how open the area is, you might realise that wildlife would be a perfect addition. Think about it, the leaves are nice and green, and the flowers are all in bloom, but what if there was something in the garden that attracted wildlife? Well, you can add many different types of features into your garden to provide the perfect habitat for wildlife.

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One of the best things that you can do to ensure that wildlife finds your garden attractive is to add birdhouses into your garden. You can get ones that are specifically designed to attract a specific type of bird or you can find birdhouses that are designed to attract a variety of different types of birds. Growing hedges and leaving a bit of a wild patch will also provide a safe space for insects and animals alike. For landscaping help, contact a Tree Surgeon Poole like Kieran Boyland Tree Surgeon

Great spotted woodpecker on feeder.

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Another reason that trees in your garden are ideal for attracting wildlife is that they provide privacy. Believe it or not, even animals that aren’t considered pests or predators prefer to stay away from things that they don’t know. With a tree sitting out in your open space, you can provide shelter for a variety of different animals that might be looking for a place to rest. Plus, if you have any kind of birdhouses, placing them underneath those trees could provide shelter for many different types of birds, which are essential for a healthy garden.


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