Types of eyebrows and care

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Much has been written about the eyes, which are the mirror of the soul, which are the two lighthouses etc. Illumine face, and eyes that bring life to the face, but eyebrows their frames.

If they have been incorrectly depilated, harmony is lost and even facial expression may change. Hence the need to know the shape of eyebrows that suits us according to our face and essential care.

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Types of eyebrows

Keep in mind exactly how we want to achieve, and relate it to the style of face. It is important to understand that not all types of eyebrows carry a harmony with all variants on the faces.

To do this, you must consider certain factors influential aesthetic level. As a general rule, measures adapted to the perfect preparation consist of attention at the beginning of the eyebrow; You must have a maximum width of 8 mm, where tapers, reaching the peak height or point of maximum width 5 mm and 2 mm minimum tail.

It is easy to understand this with some famous examples of that style has mentioned:

Thin eyebrows. Although not usually look good to everyone, they are among the most requested. Liv Tyler has that style.

Bulky / heavy eyebrows. Follow the effect achieved in the 80s, but more defined and not so wild. It is the style of Brooke Shields, which sealed a trend for several years.

■ Round. Suggested square faces as they sharpen the features of the face.The exhibit celebrities like Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts.

Straight. Proposals in the case of long faces because these faces benefit, widening the features and creating oval optical effect due to the horizontal line. A good example of this is the model Helena Christensen.

Semi curves. This form of eyebrows is rated as graceful for most of the faces, except very elongated. The actresses like Sandra Bullock and Salma Hayek, clearly reveal this style.

■ Brow Peak / pointy. Sharper expressed to round ovals features. The look best worn by Demi Moore.

Round top. The peak of the eyebrow is more manageable to the semi circle, not so pointed, and are perfect for oval faces. That is how it Tyra Banks.

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Care eyebrows

If you want to keep them in the best possible condition, you can opt for:

  • According to the tone that you carry in your hair as they give power to the color and so may have a harmony with respect to the set.
  • Test a permanent eyebrow.This technique allows women with curly eyebrows or falls, enhance those pesky hairs that look sad.
  • Realizable hair removal with thread, particularly aimed at removing excess hair in the area, and in general, the face, using cotton yarns, which in expert hands allow precise and natural elimination system.It is a trend now widely disseminated, and high demand.

Makeup for eyebrows

Concealer, mascara and illuminators are no products designed for eyebrows, but contribute their appearance. If the made-up take, but you have dark circles, nothing will work you’ve done. If you do not want to use shadow, you can apply illuminator mate (white or cream) just on the bottom line.

If your eyebrows are sufficiently populated and have no kind of imperfect, you may not need makeup. In this case, try to not stay in them foundation and powder for the face, as this could out-shine, creating an unfavorable grayish appearance; to avoid this, at the end of your routine, you clean them with a damp towel or cotton makeup remover.

Try to do it very carefully to not remove the base or edge corrector. Remember that a good makeup seeks to create a harmonious effect. Every detail counts and can make a difference.

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