5 tips to recover your nails when they are weak

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There is no doubt that the nails are an important part of personal presentation. Although they are clean, a damaged nail biting and generate an unkempt appearance. Here we give you 5 tips to help you “recover” your nails when they are weak,

1) Dip a piece of garlic in the enamel

More than a whole piece, a quarter of a clove of garlic short, the pikes into very small pieces and immerse yourself in a glaze (colored or transparent). Garlic has great healing properties and is composed of various proteins as Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, iron; etc. Which nourish and repair the cells in your nails?

Recover your nails
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2) “Bury” your nails in an onion once a week

As with garlic, onion has essential nutrients to regenerate tissues. Because the smell of this plant, it is recommended that you make in your home, at some point that does not involve further commitments with others.

You must “bury” the nail in the middle of an onion, at least one hour a week.

3) Eat foods high in iron and vitamin C

Everything you eat has an impact on your body. It is the same as if you eat iron-rich foods (whole grains, egg yolks, legumes, vegetables with dark green leaves and dry fruits and fruits such as grapes and mango) these benefit your whole body and nails. In addition to consuming foods with Vitamin C as orange, lemon, pepper; etc, also contribute.

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4) Filing them instead of cutting

You’ve heard it a thousand times but never implemented: file your nails and not the courts. When you cut your nails exert pressure on them to make small breaks in it, which originate subsequent breakage of greater magnitude.

5) Avoid moisture

Moisture is one of those most responsible for weakening nails. Whether because you bring the worst – hand to mouth – or wash the crockery repeated times, expose them to as much water will eventually leave your flabby nails. Besides eat them stop and start washing dishes with gloves, do not forget to dry your hands thoroughly after each washing so that moisture does not stay between your nails and weak or causing fungi.

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