Reasons to consider a self catering holiday

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There are factors to take into account when considering a self catering holiday. From cost savings, to the freedom and privacy it offers, self catering holidays have gained popularity as an affordable alternative to inclusive packages.

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One of the advantages of self catering is the ability to plan your trip budget, including meals and beverages. This is especially helpful if you wish to avoid overspending on dining out or buying souvenirs. Before your trip, it’s advisable to check the proximity of shops and supermarkets to your self catering accommodation so that you can stock up on essentials easily.

Compared to staying in a hotel, self catering options are often more affordable—particularly when travelling with children. Depending on the type of property and its size choosing self catering can lead to savings of up to 50% during off peak seasons.

Furthermore if you’re travelling as a group or family and share the costs of a self catering property it can be more cost effective than staying in a hotel. To find out more about Villas in Kas, go to Kas4Villas, suppliers of holiday Villas in Kas.

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When travelling with children it can be more convenient to opt for a self catering holiday as it gives them the freedom and flexibility to decide when and where they want to eat. This brings relief to parents who don’t have to worry about their kids being hungry and not liking resort food.

Another advantage of choosing a self catering holiday is the ability to cook and enjoy meals whenever desired. This can be both relaxing and healthier compared to dining out every night. Additionally it can provide an opportunity for the whole family to spend quality time together.

Furthermore, staying in self-catered accommodation makes it easier to explore and familiarise yourself with the area, dining in local eateries. Most properties offer information folders or leaflets about attractions and activities allowing you to plan your visits accordingly. By conducting some research you may even discover discounted activities, events or attractions available during off peak seasons.

If you are sharing a self catering property with others it might be beneficial to establish a holiday rota so that everyone gets a chance to contribute with household chores during your stay.

This approach can avoid any feelings or disagreements that may arise when a single individual is solely responsible for all the cooking, cleaning and dishwashing.

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