For every business, especially smaller ones, cash flow is really important. Even if your ideas and your products are fantastic, if your cash flow is suffering then your business is going to struggle to stay afloat.

When you run a business, the financial side of it is a crucial part of your success and having a professional like this Stroud accountants who can help you to deal with all of the financial parts of your business is important.

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Being aware of the issues that cause your cash flow to suffer is also important, and as a small business owner, it can ensure that you always know what to look for so that you can prevent this from happening. Here are some of the main things that may cause problems with cashflow for your business…

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Late Paying Customers – Customers who are late paying their invoices can be frustrating, but they can also be fatal to your business. If you have lots of customers that pay later, then this is a huge concern when it comes to your cash flow.

Ensuring that you have a set amount of time given to customers in which to pay their invoices and a good credit control department who can stay on top if it is crucial to managing this. Shorter time periods for payment can also help to protect you and reduce the risk of you running into problems from this.

External Problems – Sometimes there are things that happen that are completely out of your control. Economic issues such as those we experienced due to the pandemic are a good example of this. Although sometimes this is not something that you can predict or control, there are sometimes things that you can do to manage this.

Having good insurance policies to protect certain things, and also having a good contingency plan in place to deal with various scenarios can help you to weather a financial storm.

A Drop in Your Sales – This is one of the most obvious things that can cause your cashflow to be negatively affected. Sales and marketing are both things that you should invest in when you are running a business, and if you are having a period of good profit, make sure that you keep some of that money aside in case sales drop in the future.

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