Is it important for estate agents to have blogs?

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Many businesses find that they attract more custom when they add a blog to their website. It also helps to establish a business as a leader in that field in the local community. Did you know that 99% of Millennials search online for information, so with this figure in mind, it make sense to start a blog, right?

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Some of the advantages:

  • It is a great way to get known by new customers
  • You can improve the traffic to your business website
  • Become known for being a trusted source of industry news
  • Generate more leads
  • Be current and relevant
  • Encourage engagement with local causes
  • Create a much-improved return on investment

Imagine how much more you can offer by including a blog on your website. Your site is the place to not just for property for sale but for entertaining reads on how to get a property ready for selling, what’s going on in the housing market, how best to stage a home and a wealth of other tips and advice. For a marketing you can use custom menu printing.

If you are a buyer, consider a conveyancer who provides a useful Property News Blog on their site, like the one at

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Even those who have just bought homes can find these blogs helpful. For example, they might enjoy finding out about tips for property maintenance, how to declutter or information on property value increases, for example.

Traditional marketing methods are often expensive and only achieve a short period of exposure. Blog posts can remain on your site that are owned by you and can still reap benefits long after publishing.

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