If you only have the budget for one device, then a laptop is what you’ll need. Budget laptops are the same price as mid-range tablet devices, but they offer more for the money. A tablet is used primarily to browse the internet, read ebooks, play games and music and do other passive actions. Laptops, however, are used for productivity. They can be used to create documents, send emails, or use powerful software. You can also use convertible laptops like a tablet.

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Use laptops for more input

Text input can be difficult on tablets because they rely exclusively on a touch screen interface. You must use virtual keyboards that have alternative designs, since tablets do not come with keyboards. A Bluetooth external keyboard adds costs and requires the tablet to be carried along with it, reducing its portability. A laptop is ideal for those who need to type often. For Cheap Laptops, visit www.refurbishedlaptops.co.uk

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Laptops have more storage space

Solid-state memory is used to store data and programmes on tablets, allowing them to be smaller and cheaper. The only major drawback of this technology is the data amount that can be stored for the price. The storage capacity of most tablets ranges up to 128 GB. Most laptops have hard drives which can store greater amounts of data, or come with SSDs. A budget laptop might be equipped with a 500GB hard drive. More expensive models come with up to 2TB. Laptops also include features such as USB ports or MicroSD card slots, which allow external storage.

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