Ways to Help Your Aging Dog

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No matter how your dog is, you love him or her just like they were still a puppy. However, love alone won’t help your senior dog deal with the difficulties of aging. Instead, they look to you, their human companion and caretaker, to help them with their struggles and discomforts. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can make your senior dog’s life easier and more pleasant. Here are just a few ways you can help your aging dog and return the love the give unconditionally to you.

Keep Them in Shape

Many of the aches and pains of old age can be minimized by being in good physical shape. Excess weight and obesity is a major problem for dogs and, just as in human, this excess weight can lead to greater difficulties walking and a higher risk of serious illness. Make sure your pup is getting enough exercise and eating well to avoid weight gain. If necessary, work on losing weight, preferably by increasing physical activity rather than decreasing food.

Ways to Help Your Aging Dog

Use Supplements To Help Them

There are many supplements available that may help with the difficulties that come with aging. This is especially true for dogs that suffer from joint problems, as is the case with many breeds. If your dog is suffering from the early symptoms of joint problems, consider adding dog glucosamine, like that offered by EHP Products. This may provide some relief and prevent problems from getting worse.

See Your Vet Regularly

You should have been taking you dog to the vet every year since they were a puppy. Now that they’re older, they may need even more frequent check-ups. Try to develop a good relationship with your vet’s office so that you can count on them when things get tough. If you notice changes in your dog’s eating, drinking, or sleeping patterns, call your vet and ask about getting an appointment.

Consider Accessibility in Your Home

If your aging dog is experiencing limited mobility, make their lives easier with some simple tricks. Add stepping stools to help them climb onto furniture. Raise their bowl so they don’t have to bend down to eat. Talk them on walks on soft materials instead of hard concrete.

Your dog has given you a lifetime of love. Now that it is aging, you can repay the favor by taking good care of it.

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