Cockroaches are one of those pests that can really make your skin crawl at the very thought of them. They are extremely robust and hard to get rid of, and a cockroach infestation is not something that you want, so it is important to deter them as well as you can and if you notice any signs of cockroaches in your home, get a pest controller out quickly as they will multiply fast!

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Cockroaches favour environments that are damp and warm, which is why one of the main ways that they will get into a home is via the drains. There are two common species of cockroach in the UK, the Oriental Cockroach and the German cockroach. Despite the fact that cockroaches are hardy, they are not found as often in the UK as they are in many other countries, mainly because they are not as keen on our chillier weather conditions!

Kitchens and bathrooms are the places that you are most likely to find a cockroach. If you have problems with your drains, this is something that you need to get sorted quickly by a professional like this drain jetting company as if there are leaks and cracks this could allow cockroaches easy access to your home.

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Another thing that will attract them is of course food, and there is plenty to be found for them to fest on in the home. Cockroaches are omnivores, so they are not bothered whether it is plant or meat, they will eat it! Rotting food in drains and around the kitchen will have them running in, so make sure that you are not putting anything down the drains that could attract them and block the pipes, and make sure that your kitchen is clean, and no food is left out.

If you are concerned that you might have cockroaches in your home, here are some of the signs of them:

Seeing a cockroach – even if you only see one, it is likely that there are more lurking. The best time to look is when it is dark as they are not keen on the light.

Skin – Cockroaches shed their skin, so this is definitely a sure sign that they are in the home if you find a cockroach skin.

Smell – A musty and unpleasant scent sometimes described as being like almond is a sign that cockroaches are around.

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