If you hire a car, there can be several pitfalls. It is useful to know about these and how to avoid additional costs on your rental bill.

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You could save money by checking your car insurance policy or credit card to see whether it covers car rental. If you are covered, there is no need to take out the additional insurance offered by the rental company. Things to check include whether you are covered for the right type of car, the country in which you are renting, and whether a collision damage waiver is included.


Check whether your rental agreement includes unlimited mileage. If there is a limit and you go over it, you will have to pay for any excess, which will vary per mile depending on the company. It is always best to let the rental company know how far you are planning to travel. If you are looking for car or van rental Bristol, companies such as https://www.autolynecarvanrental.co.uk have various mileage policies to suit your requirements.

Rules on fuel

According to consumer champion Money Saving Expert, you should be aware of fuel charges. A full-to-full policy means you only pay for what you use; however, you should ensure you return the tank full or there will be a penalty to pay.

Take photos

Always thoroughly check the car before you drive it away and take photos of any existing damage. The same advice goes for the return, when you should take photos or a video of the car so you can’t be charged for damage that wasn’t your fault.

Pay for tolls

If you go through any road tolls, make sure you pay for them at the time; otherwise, the rental company will charge a lot more for paying the fee. Make sure you don’t go through the automatic pass gates; instead, go to a booth that takes cash or cards.

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Extras add up

If you want add-ons, such as a satnav, child car seat or extra driver, check the extra fees carefully before you agree. These extras can quickly mount up.

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