Ring doorbells are probably the best-known brand of video doorbells, and many people’s first choice for providing extra security at home. But are they the right choice for you?

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Pros of Ring doorbells

Ring doorbells regularly land at the top of the best video doorbell guides, such as this one in The Independent, for lots of reasons:

Easy to install

Ring doorbells are ready to be installed on any front door but may require specialist input if you’ve chosen a model that uses mains electricity.

To enhance your security even more, it’s a good idea to choose a front door with a multi-claw locking system, such as the examples seen here: www.truhouse.co.uk/double-glazing/doors/front-doors/stroud/. You will find lots of companies offering front doors Stroud that come with this locking system and can have a Ring doorbell installed.

Range of features

The exact features that come with your Ring doorbell vary depending on the model but you’ll find that they all share the same features, including:

– Two-way talk function that lets you speak to whoever’s at the front door.

– HD video recording to tape everything that’s happening outside.

– Motion detection feature to alert you whenever it detects movement. This lets you deter potential intruders or speak to delivery drivers.

– Syncs with your smart home system. For greater control, Ring doorbells can be merged with your smart home system, such as Alexa.

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The main disadvantage of a Ring doorbell is the subscription cost. In order to use all Ring features, such as recording video, you’ll need a subscription. However, it isn’t necessary for the base tools, such as the motion detector.

If you’re looking for a video doorbell that will provide extra security, and a range of other features, then Ring doorbells may be the right choice.

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