Essential skin care

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It is clear and already more than demonstrated that our skin reflects our mood and our health so we must care for and pamper in the extreme. Therefore, we need to know the essential to wear a skin 10 and apply them. If we do get a healthy image reflect better appearance and highlight those parts of our face that favor us. Therefore, it is important to note that a number of tips, but often know, we do not get included in our daily routine either by laziness or by neglect.

Basic skin care, essential to wear a dermis 10

The first thing to do is submit an accurate diagnosis to determine what our skin type and in what state. For that we just have to make an appointment and career of any of our centers will do the rest. Through a micro analyze how the skin of our face and if your hydration level is appropriate. In addition to see if we have spots or at what stage are. And all we know completely free. From the result, we will know what kind of cosmetic is that our skin needs and if you wish, you can even work it out as completely customized.

Skin Care
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We often forget that skin is a living organ constantly changing and constantly undergoes changes. Therefore, it is very important to adapt to these changes in order to alleviate the problems that arise and provide what you need them at all times.

The facial skin is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the body. It is exposed to many more changes than we imagine. It has a large number of sweat and sebaceous glands so on more than one occasion can be fired level tallow or water and that causes reactions and changes in the dermis. We must also not forget that facial skin also occurs emulsion, a mixture naturally possess from birth. It is in particular a mixture of sweat, water and fat that serves to nourish and lubricate the skin.

If we also add that, we are constantly exposed to climate change and the environmental effects so the conclusion is that the outer layer of our skin is in trouble, alterations, even diseases. Skin cells and fibers having age and die through different phases throughout life. In addition, it is especially in middle age and old age when we have to start fighting against sagging skin and wrinkles.

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Moreover, among those essential to wear a skin 10 is something against which we must also fight and is against our own oblivion and neglect. Because we really care much more about every aspect of the body that precisely our skin. It is one of our greatest neglected and it is high time we changed this trend, do not you think?

What should we do or yes to our skin look, as it should?


In the morning

  • We must not forget to perform a cleaning cleanser and a good tonic.
  • Apply the serum.
  • Use a special cream under our skin needs.

At night

  • First we make a perfect make-up removal.
  • Then apply a nourishing cream that suits your skin.

Care once a week

Not bad include a vial of vitamins and apply a face mask. Weekends are perfect to use this extra time and do it without stress and haste with which we daily.

Care once a month

If your skin is dry you should perform a monthly skin exfoliation. If we talk about an oily skin you should not neglect much and should do every 2 weeks.

Care once every year

Summer and winter are particularly important moments for our skin because note especially sudden changes in temperature. The essential to wear a skin 10 charge at this time a special role. Malnutrition is the first consequence especially dry skin. Oily skin suffer a particularly severe dehydration that can be combated by increasing the dose of vitamins and masks and providing specific assets requiring every skin type.

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Of course do not forget to go to your trust center and see how you aim at perfection. Among the treatments we recommend in our centers, our Repair Moisturizing Treatment provides you with the level of hydration your skin needs to restore water levels. In addition it brightens and gives long-lasting protection in time to fight against external aggression. Its antioxidants vitamins also slow the aging process and can, thus, summery and boast a luminosity, fresh and renewed skin. It fits all skin types, even the most sensitive thanks to the organic ingredients and manual techniques we use.

Our facial moisturizing treatment helps restore water levels in the skin, has a regenerative effect, brightens the skin, reduces fine lines and provides lasting protection against external aggressions, antioxidant vitamins that slow the process aging. Enjoy smooth, bright, fresh and renewed skin.

If you are consistent, you will see shortly that the effort is worth it and put in the hands of professionals to providing extra security added to your skin will appreciate infinitely and everyone will want to know what is the secret that keeps you with splendid, youthful and luminous skin. Dare to test and then tell us your experience.

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