Would you like to Live by the seaside?

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Here in the United Kingdom we are very lucky that we all live no more than one hundred miles from a seaside location.  That certainly gives you plenty of choice if you are thinking about moving to a new home close to a sea and beach.  There are so many health benefits of moving to a home by the sea, the long walks along the sand, the fresh sea air, your immune system will be strengthened and the positive mental health benefits are well known.  You will sleep better and feel calmer, the sound of the waves breaking onto the shore soothes your over active brain and reduces stress and anxiety. You can exercise easily, swim in the ocean on warm summer days, stroll along the sand and collect pebbles from the rock pools.

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If you are serious about taking the leap to living by the sea side take advice from several companies such as Gloucester Estate Agents and do your homework.  Think about your preferred location, does it provide everything you will need in your new home.  Are there direct road and rail links to family and friends.  If you still want to work, are there job opportunities, maybe you are thinking of semi-retirement and plan to do some odd jobs throughout the summer when it might be busier.  It is documented and proven by experts that seaside living is beneficial to our lives, reducing heart disease, lowering blood pressure and generally making us feel ALIVE!

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