Clinical trial organisers seek new methods to attract patients to participate

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In an effort to encourage people to participate in clinical drug trials, pharmaceutical companies are trying new and more effective recruitment techniques to ensure that they attain the maximum possible response. From sending cars to pick up patients to advertising on TV and keeping an eye on forums where patients may post, researchers are trying their best to recruit patients who can assist in testing promising new drugs.

Clinical trial organisers seek new methods to attract patients to participate

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In countries such as Australia, the government is even stepping in to assist in the hope that clinical trials can speed up the development of new drugs that could help cancer patients and others with life-threatening or debilitating diseases.

Media and Other Mediums

Certain research companies have found that advertising for clinical trial patients on TV has been somewhat successful as a wider audience can be reached. Radio, newsprint and online ads have also been posted by a number of companies in the hope that they will be seen by patients who meet the their criteria.

There are numerous medical forums online, and certain marketing companies have been tasked with monitoring them to see when patients post about a specific illness or ailment. These companies then get in touch with patients and chat with them about participating in drug trials.

Making Access Easier

Many of the patients who could take part in clinical trials are elderly or unable to drive. This makes it harder for them to commit to a program as transport becomes an issue. In order to alleviate this issue, many companies offer transport to those taking part, eliminating any worry of travel.

A clinical research organization such as would benefit from having patients lifted to and from hospitals or clinics where their progress could be monitored. By ensuring patients are collected and dropped off, those in control of the coordination are assured that they will arrive when needed or as scheduled.

Streamlining the Process

Finding recruits to take part in clinical trials is one of the biggest challenges faced, and without trials, new drugs could be shelved before they are even tested. In an effort to streamline the process, the amount of paperwork required is also being reduced where possible. This makes the process less daunting to those who wish to participate and speeds up the process tremendously.

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