Anxiety and Sleep Problems

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Problems with sleeping often involve difficulty in relaxing. However naturally-occurring it may be to the mind, anything in excess is bad for mental or physical health. Anxiety, a perfectly natural phenomenon, occurring in nearly everyone, is such an emotion. In limited quantity it is the body’s defense mechanism. It is perfectly natural to feel anxious for a young girl not returning home till late into the night, or seeing reckless driving on the road. These normal anxieties keep us safe from any impending danger and warn us to take shelter or seek help. But when this anxiety level goes beyond a point, it can become a disorder. While it is difficult to exactly pinpoint which is the level from where it should be called a disorder, the check point comes when anxiety starts to interfere with your daily life or starts interrupting the lives of others around you and gradually becomes a dread or a phobia, one should consult a doctor.


Anxiety is a very common problem and around 4 million Americans are affected by some form of anxiety disorder, according the statistics provided by National Institute of Mental Health. Depression, another form of mental disorder usually goes hand in hand with anxiety. Yet, there is nothing to feel hopeless about, as modern medicine has very effective therapies to combat, prevent and cure any form of anxiety disorder. Over and above prescription therapy, there is psychotherapy, counseling as well as natural alternative medicines available for all those who suffer from anxiety.

You might wonder about the differences between fear and anxiety and the differences can be very subtle – in the sense that most of the time we are aware what we are afraid of. When we are anxious, we often do not really know what we are anxious about. It not only affects the mind temporarily, but can overwhelm the whole self. When we drive through a deserted road, meet someone for the first time on a date or appear for a job interview for that dream opportunity, we feel mildly anxious where we fear the unknown and feel somewhat unsettled. But when the feeling is so overwhelming that it numbs our mind and body completely, we are then suffering from severe anxiety which can be quite debilitating.

Anxiety can strike all of us in different ways. For some of us who are more prone to feel more anxious than others. Sometimes people can self-create anxieties by continuously thinking of doom for any event. Help is also available for those who are over-stressed and over-anxious. While some people get completely benumbed by anxiety attacks without any specific factor or reason to trigger such feelings, some feel just a bit ‘queasy’ that there is something wrong somewhere. Both are suffering from anxiety.

It would be quite unrealistic to try to make anxiety vanish completely. The whole aim should be to bring it down to a manageable level so that you can lead a normal and happy life without unnecessarily feeling anxious about things, events and people around you. Focusing on the positive things about your life leaves less time to worry about the negatives and can change the way you view the world. Try to go to sleep thinking about good things rather than bad and you may find you feel a lot happier and less anxious.

Finally we discuss about a drug called Etizolam which is now using all over the world to curing insomnia.

Etizolam: What Is It?

Etizolam is currently being used in India and Japan for treating panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia.

The drug is said to:

  • Slow down the body and brain processes.
  • Trigger sleepiness and sedation.
  • Relaxation and calmness.
  • Short-term memory loss.
  • Be potentially addictive.
  • Have a wide range of side effects.
  • Be fatal when combined with other drugs that slow down the nervous system.

Read this to know more about it: Etizolam: Best Supplier for Treating Anxiety and Stress.

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