7 Trends for bathrooms in 2020

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There’s nothing nicer after a long hard day than a luxurious soak in a hot steamy bath, or nothing more refreshing in the morning than a power shower to make you feel energised and ready to start the day.

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To get your bathroom looking in tip-top shape, here’s some ideas to give your bathroom a look of luxury with the 7 trends that are popular for bathrooms in 2020.

There are plenty of great ideas here of the latest design styles for 2020 for some fantastic looking bathrooms and we’ll highlight 7 of those we think will give your room a modern contemporary look.

Light and bright

Get lots of natural light in your bathroom with bright modern windows that let lots of natural light stream in. The team at Gloucester double glazing will be happy to discuss your style choices to make sure your windows complement your bathroom design. There’s plenty of styles and designs to choose from at the double glazing company Firmfix.


Clever use of mirrors reflects the natural light and the on trend look for 2020 is for framed mirrors in the bathroom for that luxury look.

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Deep freestanding tubs are in and the look for 2020 focuses on rich bold colours. Brass and gold bath plumbing fixtures added to a black bathtub give a wonderfully opulent feel to provide a real centrepoint to the room.

Tile shapes and patterns

Tiles in the bathroom are no longer just the rectangular or square shapes that we’ve become used to seeing. Designers are experimenting with unusual shapes, from hexagons and diamonds to arabesque patterns and chevrons. Using partially tiled walls rather than tiling a whole wall allows you to create a ledge for adding bathroom accessories.

Wood accents

Warmer tones are becoming popular, particularly wooden accents. Different shades of wood are available to choose from that will blend well with the colour scheme of your room. Wooden accessories and furnishings complement the industrial or vintage look that is so popular.

Colour splashes

Moving away from greys and adding lots of rich warmer tones with a splash of colour in accessories and finishes brings in a fresh new look for 2020.

Compact storage

Clever use of compact storage solutions will help to keep the bathroom looking clean and uncluttered.

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