Eating and Fitness 101 for College Students

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Eating and getting exercise is critical for anybody, but it is especially important for college students. There is a good chance that you are living a pretty sedentary lifestyle in college. You spend most of your days sitting class, sitting in the quad, sitting in the library or laying in bed reading and doing homework. Eventually, this will take its toll. Have you ever heard of the freshman 15? It’s actually real and it occurs when you come face to face with a serious change in diet and exercise. By eating right and staying healthy, you can prevent unhealthy choices from getting in the way of your life. Here are some eating and fitness 101 tips for college students.

Go to the Gym and Stick to a Workout Plan

There is a good chance that either your dorm has a gym or the your school’s sports building has a gym you could use for free. It may be smart to sign up for classes or you may want to work with a trainer. Even if you workout with a trainer and then hit the machines the rest of the time, you will start to see a significant difference in your waistline and attitude. Not only that, but you will be able to feel the difference as well.

Eating and Fitness

Find a Path and Take a Daily Run

Most college campuses are really beautiful. When you get to college, you may want to find a good running path. One of the best times to run is early in the morning. This is especially important in the summertime. In the summer, when the day gets too hot, the morning can offer a burst of cool air and energy. Plus, morning runs are definitely the most beautiful as you get to see the campus before it’s too crowded.

Balance out Your Meals with Greens, Omega 3s and Fruit

Of course, no matter if you are in your apartment or at the cafeteria, you want to do your best to balance out your meals. The last thing you want is to stick with one food group, especially if that is food group is pizza or vending machine candy bars. Try to incorporate a side of vegetables or a salad with every meal and your body will thank you.

Keep Healthy Snacks within Proximity

No matter if you are taking an in-person program or USF’s MPA online program, you will be spending a lot of time sitting down or laying in bed studying. This isn’t a very healthy lifestyle. Ideally, you want to keep healthy snacks like dried fruit and nuts by your side, so that you don’t feel tempted by the chips and candy when you need an energy boost.

Get Rid of the Junk Food

On top of everything, you may want to think about getting rid of the junk food to avoid temptation. Even if you have a few little individually wrapped candies, it could open a world of trouble for you. In the end, simply removing them or tossing these bad foods out will make room for healthy foods.

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