8 health problems causing eating too much sugar

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In addition to decay and the possibility of developing diabetes, sugar inhibits the production of the hormone of satiety, so we eat too much and can lead to obesity problems.

Excessive sugar consumption is a problem that is of concern to health experts. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the coming years cases of obesity and diabetes increase dramatically as a result.

The aggravating factor is that it seems impossible to stop consumption, since today not only is marketed to be added voluntarily to other foods, but is added in large quantities to foods that are usually part of the regular diet of people.

Despite this, they are making multiple efforts to make consumers aware of its dangers and make every effort to avoid it. As we know that many are unaware of the damage they do to your body by eating, then we want to share those 8 diseases with which it is related. Pay attention!

Eating too much sugar
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1. Tooth decay

Many bacteria inhabiting dental cavities feed simple sugars or monosaccharides, which generate serious damage to the tooth enamel. This was explained Carole Palmer, a professor at the School of Dental Medicine at Tufts University (USA) newspaper The New York Times, in which he also warned that causes many oral infections.

2. Anxiety about food

This substance not only causes addiction, but makes the person want to eat uncontrollably. After conducting several investigations determined that intake influences leptin, a hormone that is responsible for keeping under control the feeling of hunger.

3. Overweight and obesity

Different studies have shown that foods rich in sugars contain too many calories and are triggers of overweight and obesity. As is refined sugars, made under industrial process, to get the body excessively is not transformed into energy, but is stored in fat. Health experts say nutrition and one of the first things that should make people who want to lose weight is put aside foods containing this substance. However, it also clear that obesity is a multifaceted disease that develops by many other factors.

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4. Diabetes

Sugar makes the body requires more insulin, a hormone involved in the process that converts food into energy. Once levels increase, the body creates a resistance to this and glucose begins to accumulate in the blood. As a result, one decontrol occurs in the glycemic index and a condition known as Type 2 diabetes develops.

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5. Fatty Liver

One of the reasons why the liver is overloaded because it is the only responsible for metabolizing fructose. Therefore, how much more fructose be obliged to process, it will be your job harder and faster deteriorate. Excessive consumption of sugar causes fatty liver, even those who do not abuse alcohol.

6. Heart disease

A study conducted by Diana I. Jalal of the University Of Colorado (USA) suggests that eating 74 grams sugar a day increases the risk of hypertension. Diets with a high glycemic load have been linked to increased risk of developing heart disease. Its consumption increases levels of triglycerides, a type of lipid that stores extra calories from sugar, inhibiting the effects of good cholesterol.

7. Chronic renal failure

Chronic renal failure is a disease characterized by the gradual and irreparable loss of kidney function. But for now its link sugar consumption is a hypothesis, a study conducted by David A. Shoham of Loyola University Chicago (USA) revealed that soft drinks rich in this substance are a cause of albuminuria. Albuminuria is a pathology characterized by the presence of protein in urine, which evidence the renal system damage.

8. Kidney stones

Sugary drinks and refined sugar increase to 25% the risk of kidney stones. Refreshments non-cola increase the likelihood reach up to 33%. The best way to avoid it is replacing them with healthier drinks such as water, juices or infusions. By its manufacturing process and addiction generated in the body, the sugar is coming to be compared with various drugs. Although it is very difficult to suppress 100% of the diet, it is essential to ensure full and reduce seek other alternatives to sweeten.

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