Learn all about digestive enzymes

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You know the digestive enzymes? Learn how to use them to your advantage.

The Allies of the Diet gathered information that can help you understand how the digestive enzymes work and how to profit from them to maintain our health.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are organic substances, specialized proteins to accelerate the speed of cellular chemical reactions in our body without changing the product of these reactions. They are vivid and essential to our lives.

Digestive Enzyme
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Digestive enzymes and its main functions

Digestive enzymes are very important to the functioning of our body and act, especially:

  • Growth
  • Detoxification
  • Immune system
  • Digestion regulation
  • Hormonal balance
  • Brain activity
  • Humor
  • Decrease swelling
  • Sexuality
  • Breath
  • Relief of abdominal cramps
  • Blood circulation
  • Cell replacement
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Without enzymes, no distribution of vitamins by the body.

The organs that produce digestive enzymes are tongue, stomach, intestine and pancreas. The liver produces no enzymes but produces bile, which plays an important role in food digestion. However, our body does not produce digestive enzymes in sufficient quantities and therefore it needs a boost, it is up to our lifestyle and our food.

Potential loss and action of digestive enzymes

If there is something wrong with our health, the work efficiency of the enzymes can be reduced.

What causes loss of enzymes?

Powered products do not contain enough enzymes

  • Ingest sugar and alcohol
  • Pollution
  • Everyday stress
  • Abuse of medicines

The reduction of work efficiency of the enzymes in the body is the cause of degenerative diseases as well as premature aging.

Natural digestive enzymes

You can find natural digestive enzymes in the following foods:

  • Raw vegetables
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits such as pineapple, papaya, kiwi
  • Shoots
  • Nuts
  • Bean

However, when the foods are cooked, they lose their enzyme potential.

Enzymes as digestive supplement

There is also the option of digestive enzyme supplements, but this supplementation is contraindicated for pregnant women, infants and children. Products can be found in capsules or powder, health food supplements houses and shops.

Not due to excessive consumption of supplements, which can cause diarrhea? There are also studies that say that the digestive enzyme supplement can disrupt the work of natural digestive enzymes. So, check with your doctor the possibility of using the supplementation of digestive enzymes and is most advisable in your case. He is the one who will tell you if you should start using.

Benefits for those doing physical exercises

If your activities are intense, the digestive enzyme will assist you in muscle recovery. Use the supplement post-workout. The improvement of muscle fatigue and injuries is considerable. Digestive enzymes will act as an anti-inflammatory.

A healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition, rich in raw salads, fruits and vegetables, will bring numerous benefits to your health. Give preference to foods that enable proper digestion, far away from discomfort and the feeling of “heavy stomach“.

Want to have better health, better immunity and have all the benefits that quote? Consider making use of information and help the digestive enzymes to work for the balance of your body.

You had heard about the digestive enzymes? It has made use of supplementation or changed your food and saw improvements? Share your opinion with us. We would like to know what you think of the benefits… For more visit http://ish-world.org/.

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