Songs about the Bathroom – From Jackson to the Strokes

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If you’ve been thinking that it’s time to deal with some DIY jobs in your bathroom, then you’ll want some tunes to work to. If the grout needs replacing, the walls tiling or you’re fitting new fixtures, get inspired by these bathroom themed songs:

Bathroom Break – Janet Jackson

We all need a bathroom break every now and then, so why have one in a bathroom that’s seen better days? Have a more pleasant bathroom experience by seeing to all those jobs you keep putting off, like the grouting. When you need Bathroom Sealant, visit a site like

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Bathroom Wall – Faster Pussycat

Feel like updating the walls? Do you want to tile them, paint them or maybe consider a stylish new mirror? There are tons of options available to help turn an outdated bathroom into a place you want to pamper yourself in.

Meet Me In The Bathroom – The Strokes

If your bathroom is big enough for two, why not consider double sinks? A popular set up today is matching sinks with separate storage areas for couples. This means each person has their own unique space in which to carry out their ablutions without encroaching on anyone else.

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Bathroom – Dane Cook

We spend quite a bit of time in bathrooms, whether it’s relaxing in a hot bubble bath, taking a refreshing shower or doing hair and make-up. Having a nice environment will make you feel special and make it a place you’ll want to escape to after a hard day at work.

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