Caring for Mental Health in the Winter

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Mental health is just as important as physical health. During the winter, there are many people who experience a decline in their mental health. This is due to the fact that lower light levels and shorter hours of daylight can affect the chemistry of the brain and leave some people feeling low.

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This can be a condition of its own which is known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD for short, or it can cause more problems from people who are already suffering from a mental illness. Being able to combat this is important, as we can learn to become healthier during the winter months.

Learning about mental health is a good way to help yourself as well as the people around you. Finding out about mental health conditions can be done online or you can attend courses like these mental health training courses which can give you more in depth knowledge.

During the winter, many people find it helpful to have a light box which they can use each day. These recreate the feeling of having natural daylight exposure, so they are great for managing all those hours of darkness that the winter brings.

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Exercise is another good way of boosting the happy hormones in the brain. Going out for a walk or doing some exercise indoors such as in the gym or in a swimming pool can really help to boost your mood and get more positive feelings.

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