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How to grow nails in a week is something that many girls are interested in. When they have brittle nails . And that they constantly have to cut so they do not get in their daily routine. The downside of this is that taking them short to the extreme can also be very uncomfortable and not so aesthetic.

In the market there are a lot of treatments that promise to make them grow. Although they can be very expensive. Most people do not know that it is very easy to replicate them at home. With economic and effective ingredients.

That is exactly what you are going to learn next, with a remedy that you can use to see results after seven days.

You will also learn some of the most important tips to accelerate the growth of your grow nails, make them harden. And prevent them from breaking, as well as the appearance of spots on the surface.



To prepare your own growth-enhancing and growth-accelerating treatment. You’ll need a transparent brand of any brand; some freshly squeezed concentrated lemon juice, finely chopped garlic. And a vitamin E capsule.

In this incredible tutorial, Eli Garcia  shows us how to combine all these ingredients, until you get a treatment that you will use every day.

You can also dispense with the varnish and mix the other ingredients to form a homogeneous liquid. Which you apply with a brush directly on the grow nails.

It is just as effective, although it is always more comfortable to have the remedy in your little pot of enamel.


  • In addition to applying a remedy as effective as this, there are some tips that will help you if you keep wondering how to grow nails in a week. All of them have to do with common mistakes that people make when it comes to feeding themselves, using nails. Or buying some products that are sold as suitable for them, but they are not.
  • Get food supplements. Most of the time, brittle nails are like this because of some nutritional deficiency. The most useful supplements for nails are vitamin H, biotin, collagen, vitamin B12 and B8. You can find them all in the form of capsules or powder to dilute in water.
  • Consume many proteins they are essential to have healthy and unbreakable nails. The most recommended sources of protein are eggs, nuts such as almonds, peanuts. And nuts, cereals such as oats and soybeans, chicken, fish. And legumes such as beans, beans and lentils.
  • Do not use your grow nails as a screwdriver. Or to open things. It is not the right way to take care of them; Remember that they are only there as a natural protection of your fingers. If you force or mistreat. You could cause severe damage. And in extreme cases, even prevent them from growing back as before.
  • Keep them hydrated. The nails can also suffer from dryness. So it is important to moisturize them with special creams. Anything for the hands is ideal and more if it is made with almonds. Or Aloe Vera. Simply take a little on the tips of your fingers and apply it by rubbing circles on each nail.
  • Make yourself a weekly manicure. Treat your hands from time to time and give your nails the treatment they deserve. Stimulating them periodically in this way will get them accustomed to increasing their rate of growth. Once a week is enough to always look perfect.
  • Never use nail polish remover with acetone. This chemical is the most aggressive you can find and you should not sell it in hand products. It will only dry your hands and further weaken your nails. Look for an ecological and chemical-free cleaner that contains vitamins and natural ingredients.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands. If you wash dishes at home or clothes by hand, you should stay away from chemicals. And a good way to do that is to get your own pair of rubber gloves. You should never carry out these tasks if you do not cover your hands.
  • You already know how to grow nails in a week without spending on expensive treatments. Go ahead and put into practice the remedy and the advice you just saw at home, and your hands will look like those of a star.


The ballerina nails are a style that never goes out of fashion, very cute and comfortable to wear, it is not complicated manicure cut to suit him. In addition, it is also possible to improvise all kinds of decorations for them.

This type of nails, also called tip coffin, is characterized by having a square and slightly pointed ending, which is the most elegant and feminine.


The following designs are ideal to give your nails a feminine and original touch at the same time. From the most classic and sophisticated to styles that are discreet or flirty, you will all love it.


If you are one of the girls who like nails short for comfort, you have to know that this type of cut perfectly fits that need. And look how pretty they look!

Some of the designs you see are extremely simple, perfect for lazy girls. Others, however, show that the length of the nail does not matter when you want to draw something with details.


The rage for Matt glazes seems that it will never end, and it is amazing how much this type of finish looks in contrast to other decorations and tones.

These are some of the most striking ways to decorate your nails style coffin, with enamels that do not have a shiny finish. They look beautiful and a little detail is enough, like stones and transparencies that imitate lace, to turn them into something special.


Dark nails always look elegant and with this cut, the effect goes much further. However, you do not have to limit yourself to painting them simply in black.

So that you do not see too much leftovers and boring, just add some glitter, stones or even a touch of color, that breaks with that tone that we love all, but sometimes also needs some light.


We have already seen how French nails can be carried beyond the classic design with the white tip, adding details and decorations that make them look different but without losing their elegance.

With this type of tip as you see, they look great. Whether you paint degraded, add glitter, stones or flowers, there is more of a fantastic way in which you look different. It’s all about playing with what you have at your fingertips.


In addition to black, another color that we often see with the coffin grow nails is red, preferred by many girls for being so sexy and vibrant, and giving the hands a certain air of sophistication.

Combined with neutral tones or with stones, it is a great choice that you will not regret wearing on your manicure.


The relish is a very flexible material to improvise with all kinds of nails and if you are about to go with a professional to make you yours, you definitely should not stop trying the ballerina style.

You can have all kinds of finishes, textures and decorations; do not be afraid to experiment. Remember that these nails last longer than a week, why not carry a great design?

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