Best Kratom Strains for Relieving Pain


The feeling of pain can often be difficult for people to deal with. Mild pain can be handled without medications most of the time, but if it gets intense and is long-lasting, you are going to need treatment. The problem is that even the healing effects of medicines doesn’t last for long and as soon as it wears off, the pain returns. Therefore, the medications have to be replaced constantly. Not only is there a cost involved, it can also lead to dependence and there are side effects that can also be associated with these pain killers. Luckily, there is a better alternative available for people in the form of Kratom.

This plant is native to several countries in Southeast Asia and has a multitude of uses and benefits that have gained it considerable popularity today. You can find Kratom in different forms such as pills or powders, which enables you to consume it in different ways. This is a huge benefit because not everyone shares a preference when it comes to taking medication. The plant has proven to be immensely effective for relieving and fighting pain in a natural manner. Since it can be found in various countries, there are different strains of the herb.

The best strains that can be helpful in relieving pain are discussed below:

  • Malaysian

Malaysian strains of Kratom can be found in several colors and are named as per their origin. The specialty of every strain is unique. The green Malaysian strain has been found to be very effective for fighting pain because it works very quickly and doesn’t have high sedating properties. Therefore, Malaysian Kratom is the top choice of people who wish to alleviate pain, but don’t want to feel drowsy or sleepy. In addition, it can also offer a slight mood boost, which is a great side-benefit.

  • Borneo, Bali and Indonesian

These three strains are the most popular amongst people for reducing and relieving pain because they are taken at night. The red strains have very strong sedating properties so it is best to take this Kratom strain when you have no plans of going outside or are about to sleep.

  • Maeng Da

Most people believe that this particular strain of Kratom is only for enhancing your mood, but the truth is that it has analgesic properties that enable it to combat pain. You can find Maeng Da in four colors, which are yellow, green, red and white. A small dosage of Maeng Da can be highly effective and you will be pain-free for a couple of hours easily without suffering from any negative consequences.

When you are opting for a Kratom strain for relieving pain, it is best to know its sedative and energy-boosting properties to get the desired results. You don’t want to take one that boosts your mood at night when you are trying to sleep. Similarly, you don’t want to take the highly-sedative strain when you are working in the office. Make the right choice armed with the proper information.

Written by Russel Zaman

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